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시애틀 공지사항

February. 2019 Newsletter

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작성자 시애틀캠퍼스 작성일19-02-01 20:11 조회3,407회 댓글0건


Dear Parents,

Thank you very much for your generous donations and volunteer work at Jangturnolih (장터놀이, Market Day). Thanks to you, we had a superb time of joy and excitement. We will make sure that our events next year will be just as successful. 

On January 26th we had a teachers seminar for both Seattle and Bellevue Campus teachers. At this event we worked together on ways to further improve our classes. 

The second semester starts on February 2nd. We will accept registration for classes on the first school day, February 2nd, at school. We will make sure that our classes will be even better in the 2nd semester, and we will not let your expectations down.

We appreciate your continued love and attention that you have been giving us throughout the history of USBKS.

1.  The second semester starts from February 2nd. There are no enrichment classes except for the choir class.

2. February 9th: We have special events for Lunar New Year.

If your kid has a pair of Han-bok, please dress them in it. We have Dduk gook(Korean traditional rice cake soup) prepared from the PTA as lunch.

3. Registration                                             

·  Registration period: Every Saturday during the month of February

·  Online Registration: usbks.us

·  In-person registration: The school office

·  Registration information : 206-795-9010, seattle@usbks.org

4. Starting the second semester, we are providing more enrichment classes (Choir class is free. It is specifically run to prepare for Northwest Choir Competition) in addition to existing classes 

· Parents who want to learn Korean can attend classes at $100 per semester.

· Registration questions: 206-795-9010, seattle@usbks.org


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